AIRcorp is presently facing changes, as are so many of us who love and work in the broadcasting and related industries.

Since its creation in 1990, AIRcorp has delivered a series of microphone processors with unique capabilities to deal with issues found in radio, television, voiceover production, and related applications. AIRcorp products have enjoyed an eighteen-year commercial life, but now many of the components and sub-systems that go into the products' manufacture are no longer available.

There is no viable option but to end production of the 500PH and 500TV lines as they presently exist, effective immediately. ACC Electronix Inc. of Normal, Illinois, has manufactured all units produced since 1992 and has agreed to provide parts and service as long as the parts supply lasts. They may be reached at 309-454-4900. Spec sheets and manuals remain available on this site; please click the link below for your product.

AIRcorp is grateful to the broadcast community and to the vendors and suppliers for their enthusiasm and support over the past eighteen years, and deeply regrets the inconvenience this action may produce.

We are presently working on an exciting new direction that promises to make the unique features of AIRcorp microphone processors available again in the near future. We will release details on the future of AIRcorp technology as soon as possible.

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